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MISSION ELEVEN: Let's get fucked up and die. I'm speaking figuratively, of course.

Well. That was, uh. Special.

Vergil owes me hot makeup sex. I demand my hot makeup sex.

Hey, you alive still? We need to figure out what we're gonna do. Leaving suddenly seems like a bad idea, since this place is fucking apeshit with the demonic vibes. Guess I just needed to tune in. Aw, Verg'd be proud.

I want to take a look at both hospital's morgues. You game?

You're staying here at the shop. No objections, or I'll hog tie you in the closet with the duct tape again. Because I know you haven't forgotten Christmas three years ago.

Besides, two heads are better than one, and the brainy shit is more your line of work. I have a sneaky suspicion it's not over yet.

Also, Ling. I think I met your landlady at the grocery store while I was picking up shit for Vergil. I passed on the message you'd been peeping on her. She seemed flattered. Watch out, she's a cougar.

Tags: assimus maximus, don't stop here, faggotry, get in the car, giggity, i did it for the lulz, idk my bff lady?, idk my bff nero?, idk my bff vergil?, jesus christ it's a lion, lol dmc canon, lol electropine, private, public, this is bat country, vergil = batman, vergil = virgin, vergil is my boyfriend
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