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MISSION TEN: And I read the bible to pass the time.

Jesus Christ, all he does is whine, and I'm totally missing out on any fun to be had because I have to play babysitter. Well, better me watch over him than someone else. Besides. It's. Well.

I guess I better see if the oven works. He's right, gummy worms probably isn't the best diet for his...Uh...Condition. Pizza's gotta be better than that, right?

Tags: batshit, booze, bored dante is bored, dammit vergil you can't divide by zero, don't stop here, fuck your shit, get in the car, gilver = vergil, i did it for the lulz, idk my bff vergil?, jesus christ it's a lion, little brother to the rescue, lol electropine, lol fuck your shit, lover's spat, public, stop the world i want off, that's my vergil no touchie, this is bat country, vergil = batman, vergil divided by zero, vergil is a dick, vergil is a virgin, vergil is my boyfriend, vergil you ass, what is this i don't even, when gay vergils attack, where is the beer, wurrs the demonz
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