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MISSION NINE: If Heaven and Hell decided that they are both satisfied.

Yeah, okay. The shit before was okay, but fog does shitty things to my hair. And since I have no desire to run around looking like a poodle...

Stay? Or leave? Let Vergil stay in that kind of shape to see if he heals? Or get the hell out and back home where I know he will? I mean, it's not like he's gonna be putting up much of a fight to stay right now. I just...I really don't know.

Things may have gotten more interesting, but this isn't really quite what I meant. And while I know I shouldn't because Lady's here working on her own because Nero-bunny is absolutely useless...

Hey, Stubby. Get your fat ass in the truck. We're going the fuck home.

Guess what. You can't leave.

Tags: assimus maximus, dammit vergil you can't divide by zero, devil hunter dante, get in the car, home home on the range, humidity is of the devil, idk my bff lady?, idk my bff nero?, idk my bff vergil?, jesus christ it's a lion, lol fuck your shit, lol you can't ever leave dante, where the pizza and beer are safe
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